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Dangers of Smoking - Hispanic males 18.9 percent smoke...

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-1 Dangers of Smoking 6 harmful ingredients in cigarettes are Ammonia, Benzyl Alcohol, Acetic Acid, Butanol, and Cinnamyl Alcohol Three documented dangers of Nicotine: smoking causes 87% of all lung cancer deaths, non smokers can get cardiovascular disease, and anyone can get nicotine poisoning. The statistics of smoking are Non Hispanic white males- 24.1 percent smoke Non Hispanic white females- 20.4 percent smoke Non Hispanic black males- 23.9 percent smoke Non Hispanic black females- 17.2 percent smoke
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Unformatted text preview: Hispanic males- 18.9 percent smoke Hispanic females- 10.9 percent smoke Asian males- 17.8 percent smoke Asian females- 4.8 percent smoke American Indians/ Native Alaskan males- 37.3 percent smoke American Indians/ Native Alaskan females- 28.5 percent smoke What striked me the hardest was that the American Indians and Native Alaskans are the ones who smoke the most, I think it’s because tobacco was a big thing for Native Americans....
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