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HISTORY OF SWING MUSIC I Swing Began in 1920’s and lasted until 1934 I Originates from African rhythms I Jazz experimentation began in New Orleans and continued in Kansas City and New York I I Benny Goodman was one of the first bandleaders to obtain widespread popularity I Swing dancing that accompanied the music was looked down upon by a lot of people I Swing music was forbidden by the Nazi regime in Germany because of its African and Jewish roots, and by the Soviet Union despite prior
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Unformatted text preview: embracement because it was deemed unacceptable. I Swing Kids were a group of swing and jazz lovers in Germany who were upper and middle class high school students in Berlin and Hamburg I Swing dance in Swing Kids pt4 on I wwwwwoutu uuom be c w Some famous Swing Musicians are/were Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman who played Clarinet, Lester Young who played the Saxophone, Roy Eldridge who played the Trumpet, and Jelly Roll Martin who played the Piano....
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