The Teen Brain

The Teen Brain - a teen is going out and doing sports and...

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The Teen Brain EEG stands for ElectroEncephaloGraph. EEGs show the electric impulses of the brain. The EEG Bonnet contains electrodes that pick up impulses of the brain. EEGs allow researchers to follow the electric impulses of the brain. Austrian psychiatrist named Hans Berger was the first to record the electric activity in the late 1920s. Jay Geidd discovered that just before puberty, there is an unexpected growth spurt of the brain. The things in the brain that change during this growth spurt are the skills that are growing and making connections. If
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Unformatted text preview: a teen is going out and doing sports and music, and doing well academically, the connections that are made with those processes are the connections that will be hard wired. If the teen is being lazy and watching tv and playing video games, those are the cells and connections that are going to survive. These activities can affect the teen brains into their adult lives....
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