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ANS 104: Principles of Domestic An. Behavior Name ________________ Spring 2007: Quiz #1 Lecturer: Sophia Yin, DVM Quiz #1 Answer (5pt) 1. What are the three rules of Natural selection (3pts) 1. Individuals of a population vary in their traits and some of these variations are hereditary . 2. In a population, more animals are produced than can survive, thus there is a competition for surviva l. 3. Animals with traits that give them a survival advantage can survive and reproduce better than other individuals and thus pass these hereditary traits onto their offspring . 2. Explain how and why a population of rats that is initially susceptible to warfarin rat poison may become resistant so that a more potent rat poison needs to be developed
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Unformatted text preview: (2 pts). Within a population of rats some individuals are more resistant to the warfarin than others and this resistance is hereditary . Those that are more resistant survive better than others (because they don’t die when they eat the warfarin-poisoned food) and consequently produce more offspring which carry this warfarin resistance. (consequently more potent rat poisons need to be developed). -Answer must show that you know there’s genetic variation in the population -Animals with some traits survive and repro better than others and pass these traits onto their offspring (hereditary traits!) -Must be clear that you know why they survive better...
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