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ANS 104: Principles of Domestic An. Behavior Name ________________ Spring 2007: Quiz #2 Lecturer: Sophia Yin, DVM Quiz #2 (5pt) 1. You work for a no-kill shelter that adopts out all “adoptable” cats and dogs. Each animal is tested by an evaluator to determine whether it is adoptable. One evaluator tests out a 7 week old kitten from a litter of kitten that have recently been dropped off by an anonymous person. The kittens all hiss and back away to the dark recess of the cage. They evaluator can’t even get any of the kittens out of the cage without protective gloves due to their clawing and once she has one out, it screeches piercingly and tries to bite and scratch. The yowling is loud enough so that it can be heard several rooms away. “This level of aggression is unusually high in a young kitten, especially a female, indicating that it must be hereditary,” she says. This kitten is unsuitable to be a adopted due to its aggression.” You disagree with her assumption that it’s hereditary. Explain why you disagree and
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