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ANS 104: Principles of Domestic An. Behavior Name ________________ Spring 2007: Quiz #3 Lecturer: Sophia Yin, DVM Quiz #3 (5pt) 1. A veterinarian named Dr. Robert Miller advocates that foals be extensively handled (touched all over until they no longer try to escape) for one hour shortly after birth so that they are easy to handle later in life . Thus later in life they are unafraid of being groomed, having their feet handled, ears clipped etc. He calls this method imprint training. a. Your friend says that this can’t be called imprint training because although the foal does become tame and easy to handle the foal doesn’t think the human handler is its mother . Is it appropriate to call this method imprint training? Explain. (Can be answered in 1 sentence) (1 pt) Yes it’s appropriate because it’s referring to sensitive period for handling and/or to social imprinting (the sensitive period for species recognition and/or formation of social attachment) Or Yes it’s appropriate because filial imprinting is not the only type of imprinting. There’s also social
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