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ANS 104: Principles of Domestic An. Behavior Name ________________ Spring 2007: Quiz #5 Lecturer: Sophia Yin, DVM Quiz #5 (5pt) 1. California ground squirrels have several types of alarm calls. They produce a short whistle in response to hawks flying overhead and squirrels that hear such whistle calls run for the closest burrow. They also have a chatter call which they give in response to dogs and cats. These predators are dangerous but can’t get into burrows. In response to chatter calls, squirrels stand bipedally and scan for the dog or cat. a. Scientists originally labeled such alarm calls as referential but now they refer to these types of calls as functionally referential . Explain why. (2pt) Referential indicates that the whistle call refers to the hawk or aerial predator while the chatter call refers to dog, cat or ground predator. The calls may instead refer to the appropriate response of running to the nearest burrow or standing
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Unformatted text preview: bipedally and scanning. Since you can’t determine whether they refer to the object or to the response, researchers now term the calls functionally referential rather than referential . b. Another hypothesis for the difference in response to these calls is that rather than being functionally referential, these calls denote response urgency (i.e. that whistle call means danger is much more imminent and requires a much faster response in). What observations in the wild would support the response urgency hypothesis? (3 pt) The observation that sometimes, when hawks are far away, squirrels give the chatter call and when dogs appear suddenly close by to the squirrels or are in close pursuit of a squirrel, the squirrel gives the whistle call indicates that these calls are based on response urgency rather than functional referentiality....
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