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ANS 104: Principles of Domestic An. Behavior Name ________________ Spring 2007: Quiz #4 Lecturer: Sophia Yin, DVM Quiz #4 (5pt) 1. Observational learning and observational conditioning are sometimes thought of as higher forms of learning due to the types of benefits animals can obtain. Is observational conditioning/learning always beneficial? Back-up your answer with any example in humans . 2 pt They could form a detrimental association or learn something detrimental. A detrimental association would be any association that is actually incorrect. In the case of the Curio et al study, the birds learned that the benign honey eater was “bad” and should be mobbed on sight. Humans can learn such inappropriate associations too. One example is racism. People learn to hate or be afraid of other races. Make sure you are clear that an association or emotional state being learned(not just a behavior- if it’s a behavior then it could be imitation or stimulus enhancement rather than observational conditioning). 2. You’re studying social learning in chickens. You test chickens in a box with two
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