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chicano final - Navarrete 1 Rodrigo Navarrete Intro to...

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Navarrete 1 Rodrigo Navarrete Intro to Chicano Studies Carlos Jackson TA: Isabel Porras The idea of Chicanismo, or the expression of the actions of Chicanos, has been a source of disparity among scholars, theorists, and everyday citizens alike. Chicanismo has been attacked, defended, supported, and denounced by all sorts of individuals and groups; however, at the core of the dispute the term Chicanismo has maintained an alarming sense ambiguity. Although it has been coupled with terms such as pride, culture, and anti-assimilation, the most fitting term would likely be “agency.” Agency, or goal-seeking and self-motivation, clearly captures the essence of the Chicano Movement in the 60s and 70s. Through the empowerment of the individual and the community, the Chicano Movement was able to greatly alter the skewed misrepresentation of the Chicano community which had long suffered at the cruel hands of mainstream media and an oppressive society in the United States. The emergence of politically involved Chicanos sparked debate on whether or not Chicanos were to pay homage to one sole identity. Were all Chicanos considered Pachucos or extremists? Better yet, did all Mexican-Americans even consider themselves to be Chicanos? And most importantly, what identity, if any, would the Chicano community choose to embrace? The answer lied within the idea of a fixed identity versus identity as a process. In historical political fashion, identity exists in a “model of subjectivity grounded in a notion of a fixed self.” [Fregoso 30] That is to say, that an identity was there for the individual to embrace and to live up to. An example would be that of a play in which each person had his or her own character to portray and had to do so day in and day out. On the other side of the coin was that emphasis was
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Navarrete 2 to be put on “a notion that privileges the concept of becoming within cultural identity, rather than that of being” [Fregoso 30]. This meant that identity is like a play in which the individual puts on a show day in and day out, all the while being free to assume a different role each and every day. The agency that Chicanos now utilized allowed them to take control of their own persona and
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chicano final - Navarrete 1 Rodrigo Navarrete Intro to...

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