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study notes - Showboat- Composed by: Jerome Kern, Lyrics...

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Unformatted text preview: Showboat- Composed by: Jerome Kern, Lyrics by: Oscar Hammerstein II- Historical circumstances: o Based on 1926 novel by Edna Ferber o Considered the first true American musical play o First musical with a deeper social message- Setting: o Begins in the 1880s, ends in 1927 o River town of Natchez, Mississippi- Synopsis: o Magnolia is the daughter of the Captain of a showboat on the Mississippi, after the shows leads are force to leave because of miscegenation laws, she takes over with Gaylor Ravenal o Years later, Gaylords gambling becomes a problem for Nolie and their daughter, Kim. He eventually leads them because he thinks it will be better o Nolie luckily stumbles upon Frank and Ellie, who used to work on the boat, and they suggest she audition for a show o Julie, whos the Trocaderos regular singer since her husband Steve left her, leaves her job so that Nolie can take over o On New Years Eve, Nolies father discovers her being nearly booed off stage and saves her performance by conducting o Noli become famous and so does her daughter Gaylord re-appears in their life and they are all reunited- Characters/songs: o Only Make Believe Magnolia and Gaylords duet when they first meet, about two people pretending they love each other o Ol Man River Joe singing about how the river knows everything as well as African America hardships and struggles o Cant Help Lovin Dat Man Julie sings this song and Queenie is surprised that she knows it because its black folks song (foreshadows Julies mixed origins) o You are Love Magnolia and Gaylords duet expressing their mutual love o Bill Julies song when she is sad and drunk- Issues: (character/example) o Social discrimination: Julie wanted to pass for white even though she was mix- raced (even one drop of black blood made her black) o Family Desertion: both Magnolia and Julie are deserted by their husbands through no falt of their own o Gambling/Alcoholism: Gaylord had a gambling problem and Julie was an alcoholic Ragtime- Composed by: Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by: Lynn Ahrens- Historical circumstances: o It was the turn of the century in America and it was the land of opp. o Ragtime was the first music that could be sold in America and commercialized- Setting: 1904 New York City and New Rochelle- Synopsis: o Little Boy is the narrator of this story o Little Boy, Mother, Father and Younger Brother live in New Rocehlle they are all WASPS who are afraid about the invasion of African Americans and Eastern Europeans o Father goes away for a North Pole expedition and Mother and Younger Brother...
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study notes - Showboat- Composed by: Jerome Kern, Lyrics...

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