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Anthropology 1 – Winter 2008 Sample Questions – Final Exam Multiple Choice Questions 1. The fossil specimen known as “Lucy”: (A) Is an approximately 3 million year old hominin individual. (B) Is about a 40% complete skeleton. (C) Was bipedal. (D) Had a quite small brain. (E) All of the above. 2. We know that Australopithecus anamensis was bipedal because of: (A) The shape of the pelvis. (B) The shape of the tibia. (C) Features of the canines. (D) A and B only. (E) A, B, and C. 3. Genetic evidence shows that the last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees lived: (A) About 3 million years ago. (B) About 1 million years ago. (C) Humans are unrelated to chimpanzees. (D) About 6 million years ago. (E) About 6,000 years ago. 4. Continental drift is: (A) The movement of continents. (B) Genetic drift in a continental population. (C) Climate change on a continent. (D) A force of evolution. (E) None of the above. 5. Australopithecus afarensis is: (A) Known from only one skull fragment. (B) Known from multiple juvenile and adult individuals. (C) Bipedal. (D) A and C only. (E) B and C only. 6. Acheulean handaxes appeared about: (A) 170 million years ago. (B) 17 million years ago. (C) 250 thousand years ago. (D) 1.7 million years ago. (E) 50 thousand years ago. 1
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7. Neandertals: (A) Lived at the same time as early Homo sapiens . (B) Often inhabited cold climates. (C) Had quite small brains. (D) A and B only. (E) A, B, and C. 8. Neandertals used: (A) Oldowan tools. (B) Acheulean tools. (C) Mousterian tools. (D) Formal bone tools. (E) None of the above. 9. Which of the following provides evidence that a fossil primate was bipedal? (A) The pelvis.
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ANT1FinalSampleQuestions - Anthropology 1 Winter 2008...

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