The King and I

The King and I - Navarrete Rodrigo Navarrete Due: 3/3/08...

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Navarrete Rodrigo Navarrete Due: 3/3/08 Essay #3 Word count: 1,219 Long Live the King Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a day that should be celebrated by all, for King struggled for the equality of all people in our nation, not just African Americans. His vision reached far beyond the Negro of the South; it reached far beyond a community in Birmingham; it reached beyond the injustices suffered by blacks in Montgomery, Alabama; his vision extended to any and all people suffering injustice anywhere in the world. He sought to achieve equality for all people regardless of skin color, complexion, or any other distinguishing racial traits. King’s remarkable ability to see beyond the obvious was what catapulted his views into national consideration by all of the people in our nation. Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day shouldn’t be something that only African Americans take part in; we all owe thanks to the man who promoted a better tomorrow for all American citizens through his unwavering determination in the struggle for impartiality. When considering King’s views for an equal future, it must be noted that his opinions apply today as well as they applied in his lifetime. When he stated that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere” (King 133), he didn’t mean only during his time period; he implied that for as long as man has existed and will continue to live on into the limitless eons of time and space, an injustice locally can lead to an even worse and far more severe injustice globally. If we allowed injustice to continue as it did in King’s day, our present day lives would be drastically different than what they are; slavery would likely still exist, and I, as a Mexican or “colored person,” would have no right to an education nor a good job for that matter. We must celebrate
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The King and I - Navarrete Rodrigo Navarrete Due: 3/3/08...

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