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The Role of Design

The Role of Design - does the consumer want(“need” what...

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Rodrigo Navarrete 1-22-08 Schaaf Tuesday Lab The Role of Design in Society Design plays a major role in today’s society, stemming from the notion that a large majority of people want to have the latest and greatest of anything. Whether it be the design of a new automobile, computer, cell phone, or even shoe, if it’s cutting edge and/or bold, it will probably sell. Design, in a sense, dictates how well a product does in the market; therefore, nearly all new products are designed with current and future cosmetic trends in mind. Of course, the aesthetics of a design aren’t everything nowadays, for form and function must go hand in hand if the product is to have any sort of success. Design, in essence, is moving from making something “pretty” or “nice” to being the face of innovation. Although design is the new face for innovation, it must not be forgotten that design exists to convey information. The role of design is to interpret requirements to address three key questions: what
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Unformatted text preview: does the consumer want (“need”), what does the consumer anticipate, and what do we (designers) want the consumer to desire? If all aspects of those three basic questions are met by a set of proposed design elements, then is when design ceases being form and begins to be function and innovation all at one time. The role of design is simply to satisfy industry objectives, product qualifications, technological requirements and a variety of other tactical ideas in an artistic, rational, inventive, reasonable and practical form. Design is essentially the raison d'être of everything we identify, process, and interact with in our daily lives. Design is what keeps competition tight amongst nearly all products out in the market for the sole reason that a bulky walkman isn’t going to outsell the sleek iPod touch. Why? Because consumers want and thirst for ground-breaking, envelope-pushing, boundary-shattering innovation and that’s what design, when executed properly, can do...
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The Role of Design - does the consumer want(“need” what...

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