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ch 3 test cheat sheet

ch 3 test cheat sheet - Martin Van Buren-Secretary of State...

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Unformatted text preview: Martin Van Buren-Secretary of State. “ Kitchen Cabinet ”-Jackson’s advisors. Aaron Burr- Killed Hamilton. Albert Gallatin-Secretary of Treasury. “ Orgy Western Style ”-Jackson’s Party. Peggy O’Neal-Very Friendly. “ Sly Fox of Kinderhook ”-Martin Van Buren. Sacajawea-led expedition. Nichlas Biddle-B.U.S. President. Arbuthnot-Hung by Jackson. James Buchanan- Old Obliquity. Rutherford Hayes- gov. of Ohio. Samuel Tilden- gov. of New York. Louisiana Purchase-in 1763 france gave Louisiana to Spain for safe keeping. By 1800, Spain was at war with England and Spain was losing. By secret treaty, Spain gave Louisiana back to France for safe keeping. Napolean was the leader of France and looked at this as a gift and the start of an empire in the west. He had plans to use new orlans as the landing site for a French army that would take the western part of the US for his empire. In 1801, Jefferson learned that Louisiana belonged to france. This gave him an immediate problem. The peace treaty was no longer in effect because Louisiana belonged to france....
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