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06. sedimentary_06 - SEDIMENTARY ROCKS 1 Know the...

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SEDIMENTARY ROCKS 1) Know the differences between weathering, erosion, deposition, and lithification. Weathering – the breaking down of rock into smaller pieces (sediment Erosion – the movement of sediment from one place to another Deposition – the placement of sediment at a new location Lithification – the turning of loose sediment into a sedimentary rock. 2) Know the two different types of weathering and what causes them. Chemical – rock dissolved (in water) into individual molecules, especially effective if the water is acidic or hot Mechanical – rock is physically broken into smaller pieces, happens from impact, thermal explosion, or frost wedging 3) What are the four agents of erosion, and which is most important? Water (most important), wind, gravity, ice 4) Know the three ways of transporting (=eroding) weathered material in water. Bed load, suspended load, dissolved load 5) Know the two types of deposition and the names of the two types of sedimentary rocks they produce. Chemical deposition makes a chemical sedimentary rock
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06. sedimentary_06 - SEDIMENTARY ROCKS 1 Know the...

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