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Perspectives Dr. Howard 2/6/07 Sacred Scripture in Hobbes’ Leviathan In Hobbes’ Leviathan , he expresses his views and opinions that he believes are necessary to reach peace and unification among a civil society. The term Leviathan refers to an ancient sea monster, from which Hobbes uses as a symbol for his ideal society. He believes that this term appropriately identifies the various aspects of a society that will allow it to prosper. Hobbes concludes that all humans have a tendency to violence and self-preservation, saying, “I put for a generall inclination of all mankind, a perpetual and restlesse desire for Power after power, that ceaseth onely in Death," ( Leviathan , Ch. 12). For this reason, the commonwealth must comprise of the citizens to form the body of a human, and a sovereign power will act as the head, making laws and maintaining unity. This sovereign is chosen to establish a mutual sense of security and comfort among an established commonwealth. Within the contents of the Leviathan, Hobbes makes several references to Sacred Scripture in both the Old and New Testament, insinuating that Hobbes holds a belief in the faith of God. He provides convincing evidence when referring to God that he seems to follow the Catholic faith. Within his references to God, Hobbes also conveys his method of philosophy. He hypothesizes that all matter is constantly emotion and actions and reactions occur in accordance with geometry and physics laws. Because of this radical form of philosophy and Hobbes goal to explain everything with proven conclusions, he also explores varying interpretations of Biblical passages. Although
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Hobbes seems to follows Catholic faith, his reliance on scientific evidence leads him to provide unique interpretations of Bible passages. Hobbes makes several references that allude to the Christian God, seeming to
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Hobbes Paper - Perspectives Dr Howard Sacred Scripture in...

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