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Exodus essay

Exodus essay - Perspectives MWF 12-1 Exodus 2 1-10 In...

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Perspectives MWF 12-1 10/22/06 Exodus 2: 1-10 In Exodus 2: 1-10, the brief passage reveals the birth of Moses. It narrates how Moses’ mother and sister, Miriam, secretly take care of the baby Moses, hoping that he would not have to be killed. The Pharaoh of Egypt made a decree stating that all first born Hebrew sons must be killed, yet Moses’ mother recognizes him as a special boy, one that she believes should not be killed. Once she can no longer take care of Moses because of the constant risk of being caught by the Egyptians, his mother wraps Moses inside a papyrus basket and places him in the reeds along the Nile River while Miriam watches on. By chance, the Pharaoh’s daughter saw the baby and took him in, given the consent of the Pharaoh to keep Moses. The daughter then found Moses’ mother to nurse him and raise him. Once Moses grew up, his mother went back to Pharaoh’s daughter and gave him to her as her son. She then officially named him Moses because she “drew him out of the water” (2: 10). This important event serves as one of the highlights of the book of Exodus since Moses, an instrument of God, is the one who would later lead his people out of slavery and into the promise land with the instruction and guidance of God. Because of this passage’s extensive popularity, there have been a wide variety of commentaries by scholars regarding different aspects of the passage. There lies much more information and significance in between the lines of the passage than a typical reader would notice. When I first read Exodus 2:1-10, it seemed very simple. The passage strictly narrates the set of events, seemingly leaving little room for my interpretation. I had read
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this passage before in high school, yet I never fully understood its significance. The set of events seemed highly improbable like there were too many coincidences to lead to the upbringing of one of the Old Testament’s most renowned character. At first, I didn’t believe or accept the outlandishness of the passage as the true set of events. As I read it over and over, I began to use logic to determine its validity. As a Catholic educated entirely by Catholic private schools, there was a great amount of importance placed on my faith and knowledge of my religion. I developed faith in God and accepted Him as my creator; however, whenever I read the Bible, I always questioned miracle passages and passages such as the birth of Moses because they seemed somehow unreal about how they go against our reality. In high school I also endured a period during which I stopped praying and didn’t go to Mass as much because I doubted the credibility of the religion
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Exodus essay - Perspectives MWF 12-1 Exodus 2 1-10 In...

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