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Lippi-Green Chapter 4 What does it mean to ask a person to give up an accent, or to suppress it? Often ask ppl to reject their own language. We don’t want them to get rid of the underlying message, but of the social allegiances. By law we can’t ask ppl to chance skin color, gender, or religion. o But its ok to suppress the best way of situating themselves in the world. Accents allow us to legally refuse to recognize others since we can’t do so by looking at race, or ethnicity Standard language ideology – a bias towards an abstract, idealized, homogenous spoken language which is imposed and maintained by dominant bloc institutions primarily from the spoken language of the upper middle class. States that an ideal nation has one perfect language.
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Unformatted text preview: Model of the language subordination process: • Language is mystified • Authority is claimed • Misinformation is generated • Non-mainstream language is trivialized • Conformers are held up as positive examples • Explicit promises are made • Threats are mad • Non-conformers are vilified or marginalized “accent discrimination can be found everywhere in our daily lives. In fact, such behavior is so commonly accepted, so widely perceived as appropriate, that it must be seen as the last back door to discrimination. And the door stands open wide.”...
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