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hw 1 intro to buss planning

hw 1 intro to buss planning - pg 530#3 4 5 Case 3 3 The...

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pg 530 #3, 4, & 5 Case 3 3. The founders of Biolife followed an inside-out approach when marketing their product. Quick Relief was “accidentally” invented, for their research involved trying to find an improved way to purify water not a product that stops the bleeding of a cut. The approach is thus an inside-out approach for they had a product and tried to figure out where it would fit into the market. They did not study the market to find a product to create. 4. A brief SWOT for Biolife includes the strengths, such as its improvement on another product that stained the skin, it has great marketability being able to attract all people for cuts happen to everyone, and it has a positive reputation and good publicity from the Lakers’ head trainer, Gary Vitti. It has weaknesses and they include a strong competition and the consumer’s unwillingness to spend ten dollars on QR when they can get band-aids at a lower cost. Available opportunities exist in who they market to. They could
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