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Blake Best 02/02/2008 Ms. Satirta Smith Soci 3800.001 Women, Minorities, and Technology in the Work Place As a young man my work experience is only a blip on the radar screen compared to your average worker. However I understand the roles men and women play in our society and workplace. I have noticed some seemingly normal but curious hiring practices working in a “pink collar” job. Also, I’ll provide a brief history of women and minorities in the U.S. Lastly I will discuss the implementation of technology into my work place. First I would like to talk about men and women’s roles. Men are taught from an early age to be the “bread winner,” while women are taught to invest more time into marriage and household duties. The idea of women still getting paid less seems ridiculous, but it is still true 8 years into the new millennium. The work place can be sort of a “boys club.” Men get applauded for the same things women get looked down for, such as having a child. In many cases fathers get “daddy bonuses,” while women are seen as weak for taking maternity leave. Also another major factor is the education path many women are picking. Men are getting more technology and science related degrees while most women are in social sciences or humanity majors. Socialization is another key Many people know about white and blue collar jobs, but there are several other
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3800 paper - Blake Best Ms. Satirta Smith 02/02/2008 Soci...

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