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Brian McGrew Bio Sci. 94 A+C Study Outline This is hopefully an accurate outline of everything covered by Professor Gaut so far. I. Scientific origins a. age of earth estimated to be 4.6 billion years i. divided into eras and periods ii. eras 1. Precambrian a. 2.5 billion years ago oxygen b. 1 billion years ago ->multicellular life 2. Paleozoic a. 543 million – 250 million years ago 3. Mesozoic a. 250 million – 65 million years ago 4. Cenozoic a. 65 million years ago – present b. Precambrian atmosphere i. Earth mostly made of molten rock ii. oxygen reacted with carbon to form carbon-oxygen molecules 1. no free oxygen at this time though iii. high levels of solar energy due to lack of ozone layer iv. most molecules were carbon-oxygen compounds, nitrogen, ammonia, and methane v. reducing environment then vs oxidizing environment now 1. oxygen attacks chemical bonds II. What is life? a. organized b. capable of reproduction c. comprised of cells d. origin of cells requires four things i. abiotic synthesis of complex molecules 1. experimentally proven possible ii. spontaneous formation of polymers/macromolecules 1. clay near water is (+) and therefore can concentrate negative molecules iii. formation of liposomes 1. amphipathic proteins/lipids spontaneously form compartments 2. precursors to lipid bilayer iv. origin of hereditary material 1. central dogma: DNA -> RNA -> protein 2. originally RNA was hereditary material a. RNA can be formed abiotically b. can replicate itself in presence of Zinc
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c. contains hereditary information d. has catalytic properties III. Theory of evolution a. Erasmus Darwin i. doctor to king of England ii. atheist b. La Marck i. believed species change gradually over time
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bio94acMT - Brian McGrew Bio Sci. 94 A+C Study Outline This...

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