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Kissing Case Briefing[1]

Kissing Case Briefing[1] - lasted a few seconds The...

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Case Briefing Hodges Vs. Nofsinger Facts An accident occurred while the defendant (Gary C. Hodges) and the plaintiff (Mary Nofsinger) drove back to the defendant’s base in which the plaintiff claims they were kissing which led to her injuries. The defendant claimed to be driving the plaintiff’s automobile. During the ride back to the defendant’s base, according to the defendant, the plaintiff was sitting close him. The plaintiff stated that she did not resist when the defendant kissed her on the mouth that
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Unformatted text preview: lasted a few seconds. The plaintiff also confirmed it was not their first kiss. According to the plaintiff, the accident occurred during the time they were kissing. Cause of Action The defendant is appealing to the court on the fact that the plaintiff is guilty of negligence. Issues Is the plaintiff is guilty of negligence? Holdings Upper court: No Lower court: No Rationale On the appeal by the defendant, the courts plead the plaintiff not guilty of negligence....
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