Chester - Chester CapSim Shareholders Report Competitive...

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Chester CapSim Shareholders’ Report Competitive Round 4
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President’s Letter Good Morning. I would first like to start off by giving many thanks to all our customers who have been supporters of our products, and to future customers, we want to welcome you. In the past four years our company has been through many changes. We were all going through a learning experience. It was a lot of trial and error for us. As a company, we diligently strive to give our customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed; therefore we have been building our company to make it the best that it can be. In our first year, we were in control of 17.64% of the market share, tying Andrews for 2 nd place. Our first year, ironically, was the best year for us so far. We introduced our product Cake this year. It was very successful for us, due to the fact that it was introduced into the low-tech segment and the price was very reasonable to our customers. In our second year, we went down dramatically, but this was because we were so close in the market share with Andrews in our first year, and then in the 2 nd year Andrews produced a new product. Their new product took away almost half of the market share that we controlled in our first year. This was a great loss for us, but we bounced back and came up with some new ideas to gain our control in market share back. We also decided that we were going to introduce a new product in our third year, with production beginning last year. Our company also decided that we would not take out any emergency loans because we did not want to incur a lot of debt; however this backfired on us a little bit. With our sales decreasing in our second year, we should have taken out an emergency loan since it would have more than likely increased our sales again. In the third year our company introduced the product Cake. Cake was a product that was focused on the high-tech segment. With having Candy and Cake on the market in both segments, we thought that this would
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Chester - Chester CapSim Shareholders Report Competitive...

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