Civil Rights (2-26-08 and 2-28-08)

Civil Rights (2-26-08 and 2-28-08) - I Civil...

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I. Civil Rights (continued) A. Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896) Louisiana had a law that said blacks and whites could not sit in the same cars on a train. A black man named Plessy sits in a white car. Case gets taken all the way to Supreme Court They decide that the cars can legally be segregated, because of the “separate but equal” clause. This clause was used because the point of train travel is get from one point to another, and it shouldn’t matter if the cars are segregated. This “separate but equal” doctrine sparked a whole new way of life, and whites began to segregate everything. Lasted all the way up through the 1960s. They became known as Jim Crow Laws (segregated by race) Everything might have been separate, but they certainly were not equal. Plessy and the “separate but equal” will last until 1954, when: B. Another Case Example Man applies to a white law school, but they deny him because of race Case taken to Supreme Court, and they rule in favor of man But after he wins the case, nobody heard from him again. C. Texas vs. Oklahoma Because they didn’t have a black law school, and after seeing the last case like this, they admit a black man into a white law school But he isn’t treated fairly When he takes it to the Supreme Court, they say either build a black law school, or treat this man like everyone else, because he isn’t getting the same education because of these rules. D. Brown vs. Board of Education (1954)
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Civil Rights (2-26-08 and 2-28-08) - I Civil...

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