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Congress I. Representation A. Lawyers Most people who serve in Congress are lawyers, because they are familiar with law. They are also good at public speaking or negotiation, thus making them good in Congress They are also more likely to know others in politics. They also have more money to run for office, and they can take off certain days in order to run. B. Women Not represented in Congress in proportion to the population Only 14% of Congress are women; only 10% in the Senate (that’s only 10 people) 10 years ago, only 2 women in Senate. C. Blacks Also not represented proportionally. 13% of US population is black; only 9% of House is black; 0% in Senate (Obama is the only black in the US Senate right now) do better in House races than Senate races, because the population elects the House reps. D. Latinos/Hispanics Now the largest minority group in America Only about 5% represented in the House; 0% in Senate (right now, there is only 1;
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Unformatted text preview: Senator Martinez from Florida) • Do worse in terms of representation than blacks, even though they have more in the population E. Definition • When people complain about wanting more representation in Congress, are they talking about wanting more people who look like them (more women, blacks, latinos, etc), • Or do they want people who are going to defend them better (lower and middle class representation, etc) II. Types of Representation (roles that people in Congress play) A. Trustees • Congress person that you elect because you trust them, and you allow them to use their own best judgment. • Allows them to disagree with your opinion. B. Delegates • Congress person you elect to follow your instructions • Do whatever the constituents want, even if the congressperson disagrees C. Politicos • Combination platter (sometimes they do what you want, and sometimes they do what they want)....
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