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Congress pt.3 (3-6-08 and 3-25-08)

Congress pt.3 (3-6-08 and 3-25-08) - I Congress(Cont A Home...

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I. Congress (Cont.) A. “Home Style” Behavior or how they interact with their constituents 1. Allocation of Resources (time, staff, and money) 2. Presentation of Self 3. Explanation of Their Washington Activity B. Goals of Congress #1 – Election or Re-election #2—Policy #3 – Power #4 – Ambition #5 – Money (Personal Gain) C. Facts about Congress House of Representatives – 435 members Senate – 100 members Must be at least 25 years old to serve in the House Must be at least 30 years old to serve in the Senate Must be a US citizen for 7 years for House and 9 for Senate House term – 2 yrs. Senate term – 6 yrs. D. Incumbency Incumbents are people who hold the job (House or Senate) #1 goal is to be re-elected or elected to a higher position Incumbents win 80-90% of the time when running for re-elections Marginal elections – very close election (51-49) 1. example – Texas primary this year with Democrats “Vanishing marginals” – close elections are not happening as often. In recent years,
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