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The Presidency (4-1-08)

The Presidency (4-1-08) - I The Presidency A Original...

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I. The Presidency A. Original Constitution (Articles of Confederation) The colonists had lived under a monarch who ruled like a brutal Dictatorship, and under the Articles, they had no executive. The Constitution created an executive branch because of this II. Three Types of Presidencies A. Madisonian (weak presidency) Carefully limited executive power Significant checks and balances Wanted President under tight control, making sure that Congress could check the President B. Jeffersonian (President as party leader) Congress and President should be approximately equal in power President works with Congress within their political party C. Hamiltonian (strong presidency) Powerful leader and government revolves around President President does not need Congress or political party to achieve goals, because the office has its own source of power or resources. D. What type did the framers use?
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