The Presidency pt.2 (4-3-08)

The Presidency pt.2 (4-3-08) - I. More on the Presidency...

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I. More on the Presidency Why we’ve changed from Madisonian to Hamiltonian (weak to powerful) B. Reason #1 There has been tremendous growth in the size and scope of the government C. Reason #2 There has been a change in the perception concerning what the President’s job or role should be. II. Constitution Says: A. President is commander-in-chief of the military Back when the Constitution was written, our army was downright puny Today, we have the largest military in the world B. President has the power to make treaties with the consent of the Senate Today, President goes solo when it comes to foreign affairs. Senate stays out of the way. C. Only Congress can declare war Our framers believed that one person shouldn’t be in charge of the army AND decide when we go to war and who we go to war with. Today, Presidents have decided when to go to war, and violated the Constitution. Congress has not actually declared war since WWII.
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