CTCS191 ID terms

CTCS191 ID terms - Psychographics beliefs and opinions,...

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Psychographics – beliefs and opinions, psychological information; information that characterizes an audience based on attitudes, interest, behavior, and preferences. Used to profile and give life to data such as demographics. LCD programming - Unite the family with Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) programming o Spoke to the largest group o Family viewing LOP programming - Least Objectionable Program- theory of television programming o As long as you don’t offend them, they’ll watch anything o Brady Bunch – hard to be offended, but not brilliant programming or edgy or wild Negotiated reading - Adjusts some of the meanings to suit situation o broadly accepts the preferred reading o but sometimes resists and modifies to reflects their own position o important because viewer creates own meaning Oppositional reading – a.k.a.'counter-hegemonic' reading; The reader directly opposes the preferred reading o Does not share the text's code and rejects this reading o Important because it provides an alternative frame of reference Convergence – the coming together of media economically (through corporate cooperation or merging), technically (through the means of production and distribution of media forms), and aesthetically (through the emergence of new forms of media content). Content becomes increasingly mobile and distinctions between media forms have become hard to distinguish. Example: We can
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CTCS191 ID terms - Psychographics beliefs and opinions,...

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