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Short Report Rubric for BISC208 (Spring 2008) Use the following scoring key: 0 point = item is missing 1 point = well below requirements 2 points = meets requirements (half points may also be used) Maximum score = 12 Report ID: Author Name: Raw Score (out of 12): Percent (out of 100): Item Score (1) The correct format/s for data presentation (type of figure, table) is/are selected. If both a figure (chart) and table are presented they are used for different purposes, i.e. a table does not have exactly the same data as a figure. (2) Figures (charts) and tables are numbered consecutively in logical sequence and independently of each other. (3) The caption (figure) or title (table) is in the correct position relative to the chart/image or body of the table. (4) The independent and dependent variables are assigned to the correct axes (charts) or columns (tables). Axes or columns are correctly labeled with descriptive parameters.
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Unformatted text preview: Numerical values are shown appropriately on each axis according to directions in “Chart and Table Construction.” (5) Other than variable assignments, #4 above, charts and tables are constructed according to directions given in “Chart and Table Construction” document. In charts, lines or bars are constructed to optimally show data; a regression line is used if appropriate. In tables, data are organized suitably. Figure captions and table titles are brief but adequately and accurately informative. (6) Correct data analysis has been performed. If two or more replicates of each measurement are taken then means (averages) are calculated and presented in a chart or table. If three or more replicates of each measurement are taken then standard deviations or other appropriate statistic is calculated and shown in the chart or table. Total...
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