Social Stratificatoin Essay

Social Stratificatoin Essay - Jonathan Willemain Sociology...

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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Willemain 12/03/07 Sociology 101 Prof. Awosan Social Stratification in America Every society has a unique way in which the social classes are arranged. The arrangement of these classes is called social stratification. In the United States the hierarchy can be broken down into the following classes: upper class, middle class, and lower class. Different towns may have more people of a certain class than others and there are many ways to observe this arrangement. Some of these observations include the surrounding houses, street conditions, landscaping, vehicles, stores, zoning (residential, industrial, commercial, etc.), and townspeople. The upper class refers to those who are at the top of a social hierarchy. In general, members of this class have a great deal of either political or economical power. In the United States the upper class makes up less than one percent of the total population. What differentiates this class from the middle and lower is that the members have the ability to produce their income by investing their already-existing wealth. Those who don’t have a lot of wealth must work to earn money. The middle class consists of everyone who is neither in the upper nor in the lower class. Middle class workers generally earn more money and have more comfortable jobs than those in the lower class. However, they lack the economic power of those from the upper class. Middle class members usually have some college or at least high school...
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Social Stratificatoin Essay - Jonathan Willemain Sociology...

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