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Deborah Menasha April 2, 2008 Poetry and Society Analysis of Punishment The poem “Punishment” by Seamus Heaney, is a very complex one that could be understood in many different ways . Either way you can not deny its heavy matter and vast history . I do not believe Heaney was objectifying the bog girl in any way. From the start of the poem it has a soft tone to it, in which it almost sounds like he is in awe of her body with phrases such as, “nape of her neck” and “blows her nipples to amber beads .” Nape is a soft beautiful word much like amber which also has lovely connotations along with it. Later on in the poem he is epithetical towards the bog girl, and doesn’t perhaps think she deserved the death she got
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Unformatted text preview: . He believes she is a scapegoat, but at the same time doesn’t know if he would have done anything to stop it if he was around . At the end of the poem you really do find out how he feels and although it causes him great guilt, and he isn’t proud of it, but he would have done the same. I do believe he is trying to tell a story . Around 1970 Heaney had read a book about people preserved in a bog by a Danish archeologist . After taking a great interest in this matter, he thought up his own interpretation of what he had seen in the pictures and passed the information on in the way he knew how . Heaney used poetry to express his interest and pass on the information ....
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