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1 Bio 20B Plant Exam FORM A Name: _________________________________________ Summer 2007 Also put your name on the last page! Instructor: Susanne Altermann Student I.D. #________________________ THIS IS EXAM FORM A. Be sure to write “A” on your Scantron so that we know which answer key to use. Mark your answer on BOTH this paper copy AND the Scantron. You will need to turn both in. Write your name and student ID number on the Scantron, on this page, AND the last page of the exam. Fill in your bubbles properly. If you have questions, come ask us. Don’t rush, pace yourself. 1. Arrange the root structures listed below from outermost to innermost . i. endodermis iii. epidermis ii. cortex iv. pericycle A) i; iii; ii; iv B) i; ii; iv; iii C) iii; ii; i; iv D) iii; ii; iv, i E) ii; i; iv; iii 2. Monocots typically have ____________ petals, a _________ root system, and _______________ leaf venation. A) four or five; branched taproot; parallel B) four; fibrous; parallel C) three or six; branched taproot; netted D) four; branched taproot; netted E) three or six; fibrous; parallel 3. Match the leaf cells with the appropriate tissue type. i. parenchyma a. dermal ii. phloem b. ground iii. trichome c. vascular A) i = c; ii = a; iii = b B) i = c; ii = b; iii = a C) i = b; ii = b; iii = a D) i = b; ii = c; iii = a E) i = a; ii = a; iii = c 4. Which one of the following most accurately describes the basis behind plant cell expansion? A) Microtubules polymerize near the cell wall, pushing the boundary of the cell outward. B) Water enters the central vacuole, which expands, increasing cell volume. C) Proton pumps decrease cell wall acidity. D) The cell wall on one side of the cell is completely disassembled, allowing the cell to expand, and then the cell wall is reformed. E) None of the above accurately describe the basis behind cell expansion. 5. True or False. Root hairs are typically absent from regions of a root below the zone of maturation. A) True B) False 6. Plants exhibit “alternation of generations.” Where would you look to find the gametophyte generation of Umbellularia californica ? A) at the shoot apical meristem B) at the root apical meristem C) in the flowers D) inside the mature seed coat E) C and D. 7. Which is the mo st accur ate description of how plants grow? A) by both the addition of new cells and cell expansion B) by the addition of new cells at meristems C) by cell enlargement as the result of water uptake D) by cell expansion on one side of the stem and by cell contraction on the other side of the stem 8. ____________allow ________________ to close when conditions are too dry and open when conditions are moist. A) trichomes, stomatal crypts B) guard cells, stomata C) stomata, guard cells D) gibberellic acids, guard cells E) stomata, trichomes 9. What enzyme is responsible for the loosening the cell wall so that the cell can elongate? A) Growamine
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ExamFormAKey - Bio 20B Plant Exam FORM A Summer 2007...

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