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REVIEW FOR TEST #3 CHAPTER 9 o Informational/rational appeals focus on the consumer’s practical, functional, or utilitarian need for the product or service and emphasize features of a product or service and/or the benefits or reasons for owning or using a particular brand Feature appeal focuses on the dominant traits of the product or service. These ads tend to be highly informative and present the customer with a number of important products attributes or features that will lead to favorable attitudes and can be used as the basis for a rational purchase decision. Competitive advantage appeal is when the advertiser makes either a direct or an indirect comparison to another brand and usually claims superiority on one or more attributes. Favorable price appeal makes the price offer the dominant point of the message. Price appeal advertising is used most often by retailers to announce sales, special offers, or low everyday prices. News appeals are those in which some type of news or announcement about the product, service, or company dominates the ad. This type of appeal can be used for improvements. Works best when a company has important news it wants to communicate to its target market. Product/service popularity appeals stress the popularity of a product or service by pointing out the number of consumers who use the brand, the number who have switched to it, the number of experts who recommend it, or its leadership position in the market. o Emotional appeals relate to the customers’ social and/or psychological needs for purchasing a product or service. Safety Security Fear Love Affection Happiness Joy Nostalgia Sentiment
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Excitement Arousal/stimulation Sorrow Pride Achievement Self-esteem Actualization Pleasure Ambition Comfort o GO THROUGH POWERPOINT CH 9 Levels of relationships with brands Advertising Execution o Creative execution is the way an advertising appeal is presented o Straight sell or factual message – relies on a straightforward presentation of information concerning the product or service Often used with informational/rational appeals, where the focus of the message is the product or services and its specific attributes and/or benefits. o Scientific/Technical evidence Advertisers often cite technical information, results of scientific or laboratory studies, or endorsements by scientific bodies or agencies to support their advertising claims. o Demonstration Demonstration advertising is designed to illustrate the key advantages of the product/service by showing it in actual use or in some staged situation. Can be very effective in convincing consumers of a product’s utility or quality and of the benefits of owning or using the brand. o
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