Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism with Taoism

Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism with Taoism - Allie...

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Allie MacLeod Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism and Taoism Through the Tao Te Ching and The Diamond Sutra Even though Buddhist beliefs are seemingly intertwined with Taoism, there are strict differences between the two religions. One major example of this lies in the fact that the main concept of Buddhism is "Dukkha," meaning suffering, whereas Taoists on the other hand, believe life is good. Through the exploration of each religion as well as some examination of the Buddhist text, The Diamond Sutra , and the Taoist text, Tao Te Ching , these two religions can be opened up more in depth. Buddhism is built upon four noble truths which encompass the basis for all Buddhist thought. First is the Noble Truth of Dukkha, which means suffering. Buddhists believe that metaphorically all of life is suffering. Another link to this suffering is one’s hope to attain individual importance and permanence in the world. The next of the truths is the Noble Truth of the Rising of Dukkha, and then comes the Noble Truth of Nirvana. Nirvana is enlightenment, the ultimate goal of Buddhists. In The Diamond Sutra on the real teaching of the great way Buddha says to Subhuti: “All bodhisattva heroes should discipline their thoughts as follows: All living creatures of whatever class, born from eggs, from wombs, from moisture, or by transformation, whether with form or without form, whether in a state of thinking or exempt from thought necessity, or wholly beyond all thought realms- all these are caused by me to attain unbounded liberation nirvana. Yet when vast, uncountable, immeasurable numbers of beings have thus been liberated, verily no being has been liberated. Why is this, Subhuti? It is because no bodhisattva who is a real bodhisattva cherishes the idea of an ego entity, a personality, a being, or a separated individuality.” (Diamond 19). When one reaches Nirvana, Dukkha ceases to be, along with the process of
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Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism with Taoism - Allie...

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