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Your name (Last)______________(First)__________ Your section _______Your TA______________ Student ID ______________ Signature ______________ Midterm I (key) Monday Jan. 28, 2008 2:10 PM – 3:00 PM CHEM 2A, Section C, Winter 2008 Professor Guo This is a closed book exam. The only thing you may consult with is a pocket calculator or similarly functional math tool. There are 8 pages and a periodic table on the back; please make sure your exam is complete before starting. Section points 1 /20 2 /20 3 /20 4 /20 5 /20 6 /20 Total /120
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Problem 1 (20 points) [Simple answers. No more than a phrase or a sentence] What are the three most common greenhouse gases (chemical names and formulae) ? (3 points) Water H 2 O, methane CH 4 , and carbon dioxide CO 2 What are the three chemically important particles that make up atoms, and which particle is used to differentiate elements? (3 points) The three particles are protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons are used to differentiate elements. What is the currency of chemical reactions? (2 points) Electrons How do you define the oxidation state of an element in a compound? (3 points) The number of electrons gained or lost with respect to the elemental atoms How much solvent should be added to dilute a solution of volume V to one-third of its
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midterm-i-real-key - Your name (Last)_(First)_ Your section...

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