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SUMMER 2007 EXAM 01 REVIEW STEMS 1. Living organisms are different from inanimate objects because they Respond to stumuli, respiration, adapt to environment, display growth, reproduce 2. A molecule which can be found in all living things and never in non-living things is DNA 3. The most common atoms found in living organisms are Carbon 4. Biological molecules include all except Carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, DNA, RNA 5. The basic unit of life is the Cell 6. The instructions for each trait passed from one generation to the next are found in DNA 7. The acquisition of traits through the transmission of genetic material from parent to offspring is Inheritance 8 – 12.Matching Choose the most appropriate answer for each term: 8. DNA __encodes the primary hereditary information_ 9. energy _capacity to do work_ 10. multicelled organism __________ 11. organic compound _carbon based shit_ 12. population _all individual species livin it up_ 13. Members of the _plant_ kingdom are multicellular autotrophs (producers). 14. Organisms which can extract and transform energy from the sun into food are known as Photosynthetic 15. Members of the _Bacteria_ kingdom are Prokaryotes. 16. Members of what kingdom are single cells of considerable internal complexity? Archaea 17. The group of organisms which exist in harsh environments similar to that of early Earth are the Nanobes 18. Plants, fungi, and animals all are classified as Eukaryotes
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19 - 23. Matching Choose the best definition or description of the following organisms. 19. plantae-producer 20. fungi- decomposers 21. protistans – structurally simple eukaryote 22. animalia- consumer 23. archaebacteria- prokaryotic(no nucleus) 24. The two-part (binomial) Latin name assigned to organisms was developed by Carolus Linnaeus 25. The language of taxonomy is Identifying, naming, and classification of species. 26. Which of the following statements concerning nature of the biosphere is NOT correct? 27. The concept of the Great Chain of Being proposed that Each species was a link in a chain that contained everything that has ever exhisted, from the lowest beings to humans and up 28. The agent for natural selection include all EXCEPT Compete for resources Adaptation 29. The production of thousands of varieties of crop plants, ornamental plants, dogs, cats, birds and cattle by different human cultures over the centuries demonstrates Artificial selection 30. A population of deer was threatened with overpopulation until cheetahs were imported. After a couple of years there were fewer deer but the average running speed of the deer had increased. This is an example of: Natural selection 31. Some of Darwin's most important discoveries were based on studies of birds captured in: Galapagos Islands 32. The theory of natural selection states that: Preserves or erodes specie cohesion, depending on environmental pressures 33. Natural selection on a trait can only occur if the trait is _beneficial to the organisms ability to survive and reproduce_. 34. According to Darwin's theory of evolution,
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Su_2007_EX_01__STEMS - SUMMER 2007 EXAM 01 REVIEW STEMS 1...

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