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Bilingual Education Bilingual education is one of the most heated discussions these days. There are so many people that are opposed and for that the dispute never ends. There are good reasons to both arguments. Some people that are opposed to bilingual education says that it would be hurting the student by teaching them in a language that is not the main language in America. Others say that it is their civil right to be able to learn in their native language, regardless of the dominate language in America. These next few articles are about both for and against bilingual education. In June of 1998, California proposed Proposition 227 that was against bilingual education. The main point of the proposition was that in all public schools, any kind of teaching was to be taught in English. Also, a child could be placed in a sheltered classroom that where the teacher would talk in English the majority of the time. In these special classes, the students were only to stay for a short period of time. They were not to stay in this class for more than a year. This proposition was passed in 1998 with a 61% of people saying yes. This is one example where bilingual education has been opposed and something has been done about it. In August of 2007, a U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin had an entire speech about
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bilingual educatin-2 - Bilingual Education Bilingual...

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