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Immigration Metaphors are Dehumanizing “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” This saying is probably one of the worse sayings I have heard in my life. Words are one of the worst forms of weapon you could have. Your words can never be taken back and will never be forgotten if it hurts some enough. In “Immigration as Dangerous Waters” Santa Ana gives examples of how words have made Mexican Americans feel less than human and more like an animal that people are trying to control. Throughout this article, Santa Ana gives specific examples that talk about Mexicans in a demeaning way. The metaphor that relates immigration to water is one that many people make today. People are always referring immigration to a “flow”. Some examples are “awash under a brown tide”, “a sea of brown faces” and “massive flow of illegal immigration.” These are only a few examples of the phrases that are dehumanizing Mexican Americans today. They are considered a force of nature that is destroying our economy and culture. However, Ana points
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