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Pro English Only-2 - Pro English Only Some may say that the...

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Pro English Only Some may say that the words “English only” have a negative connotation. It seems to exclude those who do not speak English and forces them to learn the language. However this is not true. English only does not mean that any other language is illegal. It simply means that all government activities shall be done in English. This way, it will not exclude other languages or have a bias towards a certain group of immigrants. It will also motivate non- English speaking immigrants to learn English to be aware of that is going on in the country and help them to have better job opportunities in America. It is discrimination and biased to help a certain group of immigrants and not other groups. Overall, English only is the best way to deal with the multilingual problem. This way, it will eliminate any unequal or biased feelings and empower immigrants to succeed and learn the language. One of the main reasons that English as the official language is positive is that it will help unify the nation as a whole. Rather than having all these certain groups that only speak their language, there will be a common language that everyone knows and can communicate with amongst each other. In the movie Do You Speak American?, someone said “more separate language means more separate” 1 and that is true in America today. Because there are so many different languages, they create “cliques”. Even here at UT, there is so much diversity but Asian people hang out with Asian people, blacks still hang out with blacks, etc. These groups stay close together because they have things in common, language being one of them. All this diversity is good only if they can communicate with everyone. That is where English only legislation would
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Pro English Only-2 - Pro English Only Some may say that the...

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