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Emma BaldwinJanuary 31, 2019 Biography of George Eliot George Eliot was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England in November of 1819. She was born Mary Anne Evans to parents Robert Evans and Christiana Evans. Evans also had a sister, Chrissey, a brother, Isaac, and two twin brothers who died shortly after birth. Her father worked as the manager of Arbury Hall Estate in Warwickshire and when Evans was still young when the family moved to Griff House. Early Life Evans was known to be a prolific reader from a young age and due to the fact that her family did not consider her potential for a good marriage to be high, they invested in her education. When she was very young she spent time at Miss Latham’s school in Attleborough and then at another school in Nuneaton and finally Miss Franklin’s school in Coventry. These experiences helped to define her concept of religion which would make its way into a number of her works. Although Evans did not receive any formaleducation beyond the age of sixteen, she did spend a great deal of time exploring the books within the estate her father managed. She
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