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11235 New Research Cove Austin, TX 78705 Nov. ---------- Ms. Patty _____ Company Inside Address Dear Patty, Thank you so much for meeting with me for an information interview. The meeting provided very useful suggestions to follow when choosing a career path, such as setting goals upon graduation. In addition, thanks for explaining that a successful businessperson must work diligently for as long as it takes to achieve his or her goals. How long and hard you worked to obtain the position of human resource director is motivating. Your ambitiousness stood out the most in the interview, Patty. I appreciate your working 16 years for one company and receiving promotions. It is hard to stay employed with one company for so long. I also value your advice about searching for a company whose
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Unformatted text preview: policies fit well with one’s personal ethics and attitude. In the search for an internship, this key advice will help in narrowing down employment opportunities. In addition, I now understand how important listening skills are for people with careers in human resources. Through listening to employees, you have to come up with solutions before problems occur. You have to be sensitive, yet professional when dealing with people of different backgrounds, ranging from laborers to managers. Therefore, I realize why a course in business communications is so practical within the field of human resources. I truly appreciate the time you set aside to be a career mentor. Thanks again for your willingness to help, Patty. Sincerely, Katherine Beaumont...
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