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Political Special Interest Groups Special Interest Groups use ‘lobbyists ’ politicians, elected & appointed ’. Their primary tool is ‘money ’, which buys ‘access ’ to whomever they wish to inform & influence… Economic Interest Groups : these are generally the most powerful; represent large numbers of people with money, willing to spend it on political influence - organizations (bankers, insurance, mfgrs, auto dealers, oil & gas, real estate, truckers, home builders)… these are the most numerous of all ‘interest groups’, over ½ groups in Wash DC in this category, with financial & insurance companies being the largest sub- category (approx 65%) - professional associations (Drs, lawyers, teachers); powerful, lots of money - agribusiness (Farm Bureau, milk, cotton, cattle, citrus, raisins, cheese, etc) - labor/trade unions (auto/steel workers, teamsters, longshoremen, teachers, etc )
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