Political Parties - Functions, Traits, Ideology

Political Parties - Functions, Traits, Ideology - Functions...

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Functions : The primary goal of political parties is to win elections ; other functions are: 1. recruit (most are now self-nominated) 2. present & simplify issues; establish the party ‘platform’, educate the public on party goals 3. encourage (now largely replaced by media) 4. (seniority by party, especially in Congress) Characteristics: 1. : compromise, do whatever it takes to win vs. ‘ideology’ 2. Decentralized : run at local level vs. controlled by national headquarters 3. Two-Partyism : broad-based, compromise to incorporate ideas, majority or plurality and ‘single member, winner take all’ districts vs. multi-party ‘proportional’ representation Traits: some of the things that differentiate between the two major political parties
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