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Legal Assignment - Hai Nguyen Legal Assignment 1 Mrs Renick...

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Hai Nguyen 3/17/08 Legal Assignment 1. Mrs. Renick has been assigned to teach ses education to the 5 th -6 th grade students. (A) Is there any legally required content she must cover? (B) Any other requirements? a. Since comprehensive sexual education is not required prior to grade 7, Mrs. Rnick may choose any of the general topics contained in criteria (8) to (12) to cover. The lessons can be on benefits of abstinence or information on various STDs, as well as information on local resources in the community. b. Mrs. Renick should cover information that is not only age appropriate, but also medically accurate and objective. The material should also be available to English learners and appropriate for use with students of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and students with disabilities. If needed, a modified curriculum in different formats with auxiliary aids should also be available for students with disabilities. Last but not least, Mrs. Renick should encourage students to communicate with their parents or guardians about human sexuality; and the benefits of having marriage and committed relationships. What Mrs. Renick should not do is teaching or promoting religious doctrine or provide instruction or materials that reflect or promote bias against any person of any category “protected by EC 220 (sex, ethnic group, race, national origin, religion, color, mental or physical disability, or sexual orientation).” c. California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act - (2) Authorized Comprehensive Sexual Health Instruction. Law Section #: EC51933 2. The principal reports that the school has been found out compliance regarding health instruction. She asks Mr. Aasen to determine if schools are legally required to teach health. And if so, what is the legally required content for health instruction in a) elementary grades, and b) secondary grades. a. Comprehensive health education programs are to be provided in schools, covering the following subjects (1) The use of health care services and products (2) Mental and emotional health and development (3) Drug, tobacco and alcohol use and abuse In grades 1-6 the drug education is to be conducted in conjunction with health courses. In grades 7-12 this instruction is to be given in health courses or in any appropriate area of study. Drug education must be grade-level appropriate, sequential and complement. (4) Family health and child development, including the responsibilities of marriage and parenthood (5) Oral health, vision, and hearing
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(6) Nutrition (7) Exercise, rest, and posture (8) Diseases and disorders, including sickle cell anemia and related genetic diseases and disorders (9) Environmental health and safety (10) Community health. To the maximum extent possible, all these topics will be included.
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Legal Assignment - Hai Nguyen Legal Assignment 1 Mrs Renick...

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