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Pre-constitutional America Pre-Constitution Times Why does the Constitution look the way it does? Look to where framers were coming from. I. Demographics and Economics of American Society II. Politics of American Society A.British Philosophy and John Locke 1. Locke a. conceptions and role of government b. social contract 2. Magna Carta and 800 years of common law 3. No Taxation without Representation B. Continental Congress (events that led to it) 1. Stamp Act 2. Tea Tax 3. Intolerable Acts 4. Actions of the First Continental Congress a. Voted for a Boycott on British goods. b. Establish a second meeting 5. Second Continental Congress
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Unformatted text preview: c. Adopted a 10 point declaration of rights. d. Give federal government right to raise an army. e. Give themselves right to form a post office, system of communication. f. Give themselves right to negotiate with foreign powers and engage in diplomatic affairs. g. Did NOT give themselves much power to engage in tax. h. Any national legislation was not binding on the state governments or the citizens of the states. C. Declaration of Independence D. Articles of Confederation – Tribulations under this government lead to formation of the Constitution....
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