poly sci notes _3 - B.Weaknesses of the Articles 1 States...

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Why does the Constitution look the way it does? 1. What influenced Constitution? A.British Philosophy and John Locke B.Continental Congress C.Declaration of Independence D.Articles of Confederation I. ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION (1777) A.Powers of the Federal Government under the Articles 1. Creates central government 2. Unicameral legislature 3. Congress was appointed annually by most state legislatures (or whatever manner they so chose). 4. Executive power is vague, and it is filled by temporary committees which enforce law. 5. Judiciary – provisions for a judiciary under the Articles, however, there was no conception of a federal judiciary. 6. Each state had one vote in Congress regardless of size 7. Federal government was allowed to coin money. 8. Right to make peace or declare war 9. Borrow money or extend credit 10. Right to adjudicate on boundary disputes between states.
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Unformatted text preview: B.Weaknesses of the Articles? 1. States retained too much sovereignty. 2. No real provision for enforcing the decisions of Congress. 3. No real system of federal courts (except court of admiralty). 4. Congressional authority of commerce and war required consensus of 9 states out of 13. 5. Any amendment to the Articles of Confederation required Unanimity. 6. Very limited executive power 7. Finally, there is almost no implied power under the Articles. There was not a lot of flexibility built in. II.Movement to Reform A.Fears of foreign powers. Articles not a good way to maintain an army. B.Concern about commercial competition. C.Enormous debt of federal government crippling D.Growing radicalism in the countryside. Shay’s Rebellion III. Constitutional Convention (representation, separation of powers, bill of rights, checks and balances)...
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poly sci notes _3 - B.Weaknesses of the Articles 1 States...

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