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at wits end - The author of this article continues to...

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Meaghan Brown “The Challenge” “At Wit’s End” challenges readers to search for a deeper meaning on the movie W;t. At first view, clinicians may feel attacked or misinterpreted in the movie; however, the movie’s central theme does not revolve around the health care professionals. This article provides the main themes of the movie, and suggestions for the audience to learn from this movie. The main themes of the movie are reconciliation and relationships. It explains how when one is dying they think about their life and are forced to face all of their mistakes and regrets; however, once one is able to forgive oneself and forgive others, they will be at peace to pass away. The doctors in the movie are not portrayed well, but the audience is not focused on that; the audience is viewing a woman dying and reliving her past. “The message of this play is intended for all audiences. Only when doctors learn this lesson will they learn anything really useful from this play.”
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Unformatted text preview: The author of this article continues to challenge health care professionals to take a deeper look into their personal lives. The author suggests that they forgive themselves for anything that they may have done wrong for a patient; forgiveness leads to happiness and success. After they reconcile with themselves, they can understand their patients on a deeper level. I completely agree with this author. I think the main theme of this movie is lost at first viewing. I understood the concepts of the movie; however, if I were a health care professional, I would feel misrepresented. Doctors that view this movie should consider this authors ideas because while this movie is not about the care of heath care professionals, it does offer a way to improve their services. This article allows viewers of the movie W;t to understand the main themes of the movie and ways to apply those ideas into everyday life. Sulmasy, Daniel. At W;ts End. The Rebirth of the Clinic. 213....
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at wits end - The author of this article continues to...

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