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PSYCHOLOGY 131: SAMPLE MIDTERM 1 QUESTIONS Overall, there will be 8-10 multiple choice questions, several “fill in the blank” questions, a CHOICE of compare and contrast questions, and a CHOICE of essay questions. I. Multiple Choice 1. What is a risk factor? A. A characteristic that helps determine whether a given disorder is continuous or categorical B. A trait that causes higher rates of an adverse outcome than would otherwise occur C. A characteristic that happens before, and is correlated with, a negative outcome D. The term that helps researchers determine what percentage of a mental illness is caused by environmental contributions E. The factor that shows the reduction in risk that occurs when an early vulnerability is protected. 2. A child who is considered to be high in both internalizing and externalizing behaviors is most likely to exhibit which
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Unformatted text preview: of the following combination of symptoms? A. Aggressive and delinquent behavior B. Social problems and difficulty completing academic tasks C. Anxiety and depressions D. Anxiety and somatic complaints E. Depression and aggressive behavior II. Fill-In 1. The model of mental illness that emphasizes “fit”: __________________________________ 2. A “third variable” that influences the magnitude or direction of the association between two variables: _________________________________ III. Compare and Contrast (one paragraph): Insecure vs. secure attachment IV. Essay A. What are three core tenets of the Developmental Psychopathology (DP) approach to mental illness? Explain each (4 points each, 12 points). How can a DP approach be applied to the study of ADHD? (8 points) 1...
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