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social identity paper

social identity paper - Meaghan Brown Sociology 101 Linda...

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Meaghan Brown Sociology 101 Linda McCarthy My Social Identity I am an upper middle class, female, young adult. Growing up with these same characteristics all my life, apart from the age of course, has never been a challenge for me. My family is not overly wealthy, but we have never struggled. Being a female is portrayed as being a challenge, yet I have never experienced any sexism thus far in my life. I would consider myself lucky that I have never really considered my own social identities until sitting down to write this paper. I do recall my class being drawn to my attention a few times throughout grammar, middle, and high school; however, this never happened in a negative context. I especially recall grammar school because of Christmas. I remember friends and I would talk about the toys and candy and games that we received for Christmas, and I always received significantly more than the other children. This was definitely a result of being upper middle class because my parents could afford to have very large holidays. Another factor in our large Christmas tradition is the fact that both of my parents grew up in very large and struggling families. Their holidays were very small, and usually disappointing. They would constantly remind us that they intended to go overboard only for Christmas because they wanted us to see the joys of holidays, but they never stopped reminding us that we were lucky to be wealthy enough to have a Christmas at all. Throughout middle and high school it hardly came to my attention that I was upper middle class because I would say that my friends were generally in the same financial situation that I was. My family also has a summer place in Laconia that we would vacation at every summer. I
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would leave as soon as school closed for summer, and return for school in the fall. My closest friends are ones that I made up in New Hampshire. I am realizing now that most of my friends are upper middle class because of the situations I am put in.
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